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I’m a self-taught mixed-media illustrator based in Cambridge, UK, who likes experimenting mainly with ink and watercolour. My main interests are urban sketching, abstract and expressive art. Through this website I’m documenting my journey into art to inspire other self-taught artists to explore, experiment and create.

Abstract Art with Gouache
Tunde Szentes - Mixed Media Illustrator

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Flower Bouquet With Roses

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Abstract Art & Urban Sketching


Watercolour, Pen & Ink


Cambridge, United Kingdom

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My latest writings

Abstract Flowers TAE22 by Tunde Szentes

I created art for a good cause

I donated my art for a good cause by participating in this year's Twitter Art Exhibit. This was the very first time I did something like this, and I'm wanted…
Rosario Tea Gardens, Marazion - Sketch by Tunde Szentes
Urban Sketching

How I Turned Bad Photos into Playful Sketches

I like to take photos, although I'm not a professional photographer. After taking a course about the essentials of urban scene drawing, I thought it might be a fun project…
Urban Scene Sketch by Tunde Szentes
Online Class

Line and Wash Essentials – Urban Scenes

I chose this class mainly because I was curious about how the teacher incorporates figures in his drawings. Taking this class, I realised that it's not that scary, and including…