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Watercolour Painting

Celebrating spring flowers

By 27 March 2024No Comments

Each spring has its own story. It’s a new beginning with freshness and brightness, which feels so good after a dull and wet winter. Creative energy is starting to flow again as the vibrant, yet gentle colours appear in nature. It’s the perfect time for some floral studies to put me in the mood. I joined Ohn Mar Win in her 5 Days of Spring Florals challenge, a great occasion to explore and play with some beautiful blooms.

Cherry Blossom
I always wanted to paint cherry blossom but never really made an attempt. As cherry trees are not blossoming yet in our area, I created these artworks using several photos as inspiration.

Timed studies are great to focus on the subject more in-depth. In this case, I set the timer to a bit less time in each case. It was fun to observe and paint the hyacinths, its myriad little flowers within a certain amount of time. With these studies I had no time to distract myself with small details, and the result turned out fresh and playful.

While I created these studies of daffodils, using real models, the bud started to open under the strong light. It was something magical and special at the same time.

For the humble and fresh tulips I gave myself time to play and experiment with different techniques and materials like ink, acrylic, various pens and watercolour.

Love the early spring mornings when the first thing I see from the window is the bursting forsythia bush hit by the first rays of sun. When I will have my own garden for sure I’ll have some forsythia in it. They bring instant joy and freshness.

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